Our Sourcing

Via our own sourcing projects we can guarantee full traceability.


Our Products

We offer a wide variety of natural products from all kind of origins.


Our Certificates

We select our certificates wisely to make sure we will meet the needs of our customers.


Our Company

DFI ORGANICS INC is a family owned business and is already up to its 4th generation.


The world of DFI Organics

Thanks to our unique character, we are one of the best-known players in the natural food and feed market. As one of the pioneers we’re not only committed to high quality products; we believe we all have a role in striving for and contributing to a more sustainable world.
At DFI Organics we’re committed to finding new innovative solutions for our customers. Each and every customer is unique and needs a personal experience. That’s why we challenge you to explore our world. Come along and discover our values and solutions, get carried away!
We do it our way, it’s in our nature!

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We’re not your average trading company straight out of the book. We can’t do miracles and expect the world to change in a day, and that’s ok. Important work takes time and involves many people. We try to fulfil the important role we need to play as best we can, but we can’t do it on our own. Together with our partners we take a step further and try to broadly apply these four principles; Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care in our business operations wherever we can. Are you with us on this journey?



Customer satisfaction is top priority. We want you to be happy with the products and the services you get from us. That’s why you rightly expect that quality is assured. With our comprehensive Risk Management System we’re pretty confident that we can indeed assure the quality. Continuous monitoring and documentation ensure that the quality is safeguarded throughout the entire business process. Food safety, compliance, superior specifications and full traceability are the key points of our quality policy.

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